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Brothers poster web.jpg

“Six amazing actors bring this sprawling novel to riveting life in the tiny underground confines of Baron’s Court Theatre…Miss it and weep!” Brigitte Downey for W14londoning


Smerdyakov Mask and Dmitry.JPG

"One vile reptile will devour the other. And serve them both right too!"

Dmitry Karamazov has killed his father. Everyone thinks so. He was seen running from the scene covered in blood, he has both motive and weapon and he’s spent the last month telling everyone he’s going to do it.

Mask Ivan.JPG But has he? Does one of his brothers know more than he’s telling? Or is the devil involved?

Katerina Ivanovna.JPG A sizzling, horrifying and often hilarious delve into faith, fibbing and the ultimate dysfunctional family, Dostoyevsky’s wonderfully passionate last novel was brought to the intimate stage of Barons Court in this vivid adaptation (Summer 2011).

Set Designer - Susan Lawson

Susan Lawson is a set and interior designer with a contemporary, abstract approach. Trained in Architecture and Interior Design, she has worked with theatre companies, musicians and independent fashion labels, with projects including her sets for the Jean-Paul Sartre play Huis Clos, performed at the Baron’s Court Theatre, and for the 2010 UK tour of the band Gabby Young & Other Animals. She is also Contributing Design Editor on The Hub magazine and the author of the style and design blog Style Manifesto.


Lighting Designer - Ben Cowen

Ben trained at The London Contemporary Dance School and went on to tour with Riccochet Dance Company, Bedlam and Lo-La-Li. After gaining an MA in Composition at the London College Of Music he went on to compose/produce music for Nip/Tuck, Grace Jones, Peaches, LG and 7-Hurtz and created the sound design for Protest (Winner Malesco Film Festival), BT, Action Dog Productions and the Chelsea Players. As a Technician he has worked for the Gielguld Theatre, Young Vic, Royal Festival Hall and Barons Court Theatre and created visual projections for Sparks (Lil Beethoven’ world tour) and the Place Prize (Marie Louise Flexen). He is currently writing/producing for Snorkel and Crackle - two avant/experimental bands on Slowfoot Records.


Directed & Adapted by Connie Stephens


Produced by James Baker and Connie Stephens


Mask and Aloysha.JPG

Fyodor Pavlovich.JPG  

Mask Katya2.JPG


Grushenka and Dmitry.JPG

Photos © Goldmund Photography